This is the Table of Contents and launch page and for the online version of the book The Peaceful Investor. The book is available in paperback (and Kindle) at Amazon. I have posted the book online because I think it is a better and more useful form of the book, which leverages the breadth of the internet via links and references. The book includes hundreds of footnotes, links, and references, most of which are linkable. The web also makes it possible to embed other authors' material with links directly to the source. In a physical book, I would have had to recreate the material or get permission from the source to use their copyrighted material. Plus I can update an online version with new material (and make corrections when appropriate). The chapters linked from this page are complete chapters that I have made available online (using the honor system). The footnotes are sequential in the book (but by chapter online) so I have noted the corresponding numbers on the respective pages.

Gary Karz, CFA
Author of The Peaceful Investor and Publisher of (email)
Chapter Summary Length & Other
Preface. About the Author and History of the Book Long
1. Introduction. Financial Literacy, & The Big Picture Very Long
2. The Millionaire in Your Mirror Short -
3. Behavioral Finance & Psychology Long
4. Is The Investment Business a Scam? Short
5. Investing, Speculating, & Gambling Medium
6. The Efficient Market Hypotheses & Random Walk Theories Medium
7. Investment Costs, Trading Costs, The Bid/Ask Spread & Icebergs Long
8. Do Day Traders Make Money? (Stocks, Currencies, Options, & Cryptocurrencies) Medium
9. Sum Games & Probabilities (Negative, Positive, & Zero Sum Games) Medium -
10. Luck, Skill, & Performance Persistence Medium
11. Bad Timing & Performance Gaps (Individual/Institutional Investors, Advisors, & Consultants) Long
12. Asset Allocation & Generally Accepted Investment Principles Medium
13. The Global Investing Universe & Investing Options Medium
14. Bonds, Lending Instruments, & Fixed Income Medium
15. Stocks for Long Term Investing Medium
16. Real Estate for Long Term Investing Medium
17. Alternatives (Venture Capital, Private Equity, & Hedge Funds) Medium
18. Tangibles (Precious Metals, Commodities, & Collectibles) Short
19. International & Emerging Markets Medium
20. Anomalies, Risk Factors, & Premiums Short
21. Value Investing (Graham & Doddsville) Medium
22. Size & Other Anomalies Short
23. Calendar Anomalies & Technical Analysis Medium
24. Interrelationships & Implementation Shortfall Short
25. Data Mining, Dogs of the Dow, & the Foolish Four Medium
26. Bulls, Bears, & Investment Pornography Medium
27. Crisis & Opportunity (Bubbles, Crypto-currencies) Medium - GFC
28. Environmental, Social, & Governance (Socially Responsible Investing) Short
29. The Investment Process & Investment Policy Statements Long
30. Choosing Advisors, Fiduciary, Best Interest, & Suitability Standards Very Long
31. Conclusion (Sidebar: Jack Bogle's Legacy) & The Investor's Checklist Long
Acknowledgements Short

For now I am offering the online chapters using "The Honor System." In the 1990s I had an idea about a new method of financial compensation and I even took some domain names for that, but I realized I didn't have the resources to develop the idea (and I was approached by an agent to sell the domains, which I was willing to do for the right price, but I signed a non-disclosure agreement so I won't comment further on that). I invite you to read the online version of the book at your leisure, and afterword I hope you will tip me whatever you think it was worth (even if that is a small amount), if you don't plan to purchase a version of the book. You can tip or compensate me in a number of ways. This will probably not be tax deductible for you, but I will report and pay taxes on any payments.

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