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     Is the Vanguard S&P 500 Fund destined to bypass Fidelity's Magellan Fund and become the nation's largest mutual fund? Here's your chance to voice your opinion and go on the record. Send an Email to with your thoughts. If you think the answer is yes, feel free to include any comments as well as a projected date of when you think it will occur. If you don't think it will ever happen, please feel free to include your rationale. If you do not want your comments, name, and/or Email address posted, please explicitly state so in your Email. Including your name and/or web site address (URL) for linking if you have one is optional. And remember the best way to be quoted is to be quotable. Entries will be posted at the discretion of Investor Home. All entries become the property of Investor Home and may be edited for clarity and/or length.

By early 1992, when its assets had gradually increased to $4.3 billion, it was the 7th largest U.S. equity fund. Encouraged by the past and optimistic about the future, I publicly predicted that "market indexing will come into its own as a major force . . . and that by the turn of the twentieth century, our index fund will be the largest equity fund in the world."
     John C. Bogle (7/29/97)
     From the Foreword of Index Mutual Funds: Profiting from an Investment Revolution
     by W. Scott Simon (Index Mutual Funds web site)

Unfortunately, we won't be able to determine the exact date: Vanguard no longer provides daily asset information on its funds. That said, I suspect the Index 500 will pass Magellan in November of 1999. (2/13/98)

I believe the Vanguard S&P 500 will overtake Magellan by mid-1999. . . unlike Magellan size doesn't become a problem. (5/22/98)

At the current pace, Vanguard Index 500 should pass Magellan by August 1999.
     David O'Leary, Alpha Equity Research (former Vice President at Fidelity)
     From Vanguard closes in on "World's Largest" Title $$ in (11/13/98)

We expect the Vanguard 500 Index Fund to surpass the Magellan Fund in terms of net managed assets by late next year or early 2000.
     Russell Kinnel (Morningstar) in Changing of the Vanguard:
     Vanguard 500 Index fund may surpass Fidelity's Magellan as nation's largest from CNNFN (12/14/98)

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