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Legendary Investors

On August 18, 1995, The Wall Street Journal ran an article about Warren Buffett. The article listed the following eight individuals under "A Pantheon of Great Investors" (with their estimated long-term returns).
Warren Buffett27%
Benjamin Graham17%
John Maynard KeynesN/A
Peter Lynch29%
Julian Robertson27%
George Soros34%
Michael Steinhardt 21%
John Templeton18%

Nobel Laureates

Laureates in Economic Sciences from the Nobel Foundation. There are interviews with Sharpe and Miller in Peter J. Tanous' Investment Gurus.




Robert D. Arnott
Peter L. Bernstein
Michael Bloomberg
John C. Bogle
Gary P. Brinson
Warren Buffet
Abby Joseph Cohen
James Cramer
David Dreman
John Doerr
Eugene Fama
Ken Fisher
Martin Fridson
David & Tom Gardner
William Goetzmann
William Gross
Campbell Harvey
Robert Haugen
Roger G. Ibbotson
Michael Jensen
Henry R. Kravis
Josef Lakonishok
Dean LeBaron
Peter Lynch
Harry M. Markowitz
Robert C. Merton
Merton H. Miller
Franco Modigliani
William O'Neil
James O'Shaughnessy
Don Phillips
Michael E. Porter
Julian Robertson
Richard Roll
Stephen A. Ross
George F. Russell, Jr.
Myron S. Scholes
Charles R. Schwab
Jeremy J. Siegel
David E. Shaw
George Soros
William F. Sharpe
Andrew Tobias
Hal R. Varian


Other Lists

This page is presented for informational purposes only and is only as a sample of individuals worthy of attention that you can learn about on sites either maintained by the individuals or by others. There are certainly other outstanding and deserving individuals that are not listed here. If you know of individuals that should be listed (and have a presence on the web) please Email them to Investor Home.

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