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Tributes to Jack Bogle

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A look back at the life of Vanguard's founder from Vanguard - Obituaries from Bogle Eblog, CFA Intitute & BBC

Author Link Video/Audio
Brett Arends MarketWatch "may have saved ordinary Americans more money than any man in history"
Rob Arnott AdvisorPerspectives & Bloomberg
Ted Aronson AdvisorPerspectives
Chris Arnold NPR
Erin Arvedlund Philadelpia Inquirer "Mr. Bogle was a capitalist with a soul."
Cliff Asness AdvisorPerspectives & Bloomberg "no single person has ever done more for investors while asking less for himself. Nobody comes within a mile."
Tom Bemis TheStreet
Christine Benz NYTimes Video
William Bernstein EF or AdvisorPerspectives & "I donít know any other story like it in American business history."
Lewis Braham Barron's (The House that Bogle Built - 2011)
Joshua Brown Reformed Broker
Stephen Brown Financial Analysts Journal
Tim Buckley Vanguard
Tom Buerkle Reuters
Warren Buffett Berkshire Hathaway "If a statue is ever erected to honor the person who has done the most for American investors, the handsdown choice should be Jack Bogle." Video
Jonathan Burton Marketwatch (Investment Titans - 2000)
Art Carey Philadelpia Inquirer
Ben Carlson WealthofCommonSense
Shawn Carter CNBC
Neil Cavuto Video
Jonathan Clements HumbleDollar "You left the world a far, far better place than you found it and, for that, the rest of us will be forever grateful."
Murray Coleman IFA
Christopher Condon Bloomberg
Jeff Cox CNBC
Jim Cramer TheStreet "Jack was the ultimate titan ... He democratized investing and gave everyone a chance at investing in the progress of America. " Video
Andy Cross Motley Fool
Dan Culloton Morningstar
John Duchneskie Philadelpia Inquirer
Larry Edelman Boston Globe "Jack Bogle was an investment industry legend. In Boston, he was also a legendary pain in the butt."
Michael Edesess AdvisorPerspectives
Mohamed El-Erian Bloomberg & Twitter
Alex Eule Barron's
Harold Evensky AdvisorPerspectives & NYTimes
Rick Ferri Forbes & AdvisorPerspectives "No one on this planet has done more to increase the lot of individual investors in the last 50 years" Audio
Henry Fernandez FoxBusiness
Daren Fonda
Tamar Frankel AdvisorPerspectives
Steven Goldberg Kiplinger
Howard Gold Marketwatch "of all the investing giants, none stands taller."
Beverly Goodman Barron's
Jim Grant Barron's
Jeremy Grantham Bloomberg "What he meant to most people in the investment business was that he was a royal pain in the bottom ... he was the patron saint."
Bill Gross Bloomberg "there is no doubt that indexing at much lower fees will outperform almost all managers over a long period of time."
Mellody Hobson NYTimes & Bloomberg
Morgan Housel Twitter "He's the biggest undercover philanthropist of all time."
Robert Huebscher AdvisorPerspectives
Mark Hulbert Marketwatch
Chuck Jaffe Twitter Audio
Nicholas Jasinski Barron's
Abby Johnson Bloomberg
Nir Kaissar Bloomberg
Melissa Karsh Bloomberg
Rebecca Katz 2016 Video
Ross Kerber Reuters
Crystal Kim Barron's
Russell Kinnell Morningstar "I can't think of anyone who has done more for investors than Bogle."
Sallie Krawcheck Bloomberg "Everyone in the industry today is standing on the shoulders of that giant."
Sarah Krouse WSJ
Dean LeBaron FT
Arthur Levitt Bloomberg & Vanguard "I know of no one in the business community who was his equal."
Ron Lieber NYTimes
Larry Light CIO
Mel Lindauer Philadelpia Inquirer "He was a true American hero."
Andrew Lo Twitter "did more to democratize financial markets than any other single individual I can think of." 2018 Video
Tanza Loudenback BusinessInsider
Alec Lucas Morningstar
Elizabeth MacBride Investment News
Burton Malkiel Wall Street Journal & AdvisorPerspectives "The best example of an American business hero" Audio
Howard Marks Bloomberg
Roger Martin HBR
Tyler Mathisen Money 1995 - "Bogle Wins" CNBC Audio
John Melloy CNBC 3 videos
Gary Mishuris Forbes
Bill Miller Bloomberg "Jack created more wealth for more people than anyone in the history of investing and probably in its future as well."
Rick Miller Forbes "John Bogle arguably did as much or more for investors than any Nobel prizewinner...Along with Edison and Ford, Gates and Jobs, he belongs to the pantheon of American innovation."
Brian Moynihan Bloomberg
Dave Nadig
Leslie Norton Barron's Audio
Ron OíHanley FT
Helaine Olen Washington Post "many Americans are richer and the financial services industry is poorer thanks to Bogleís existence."
Kerry Pechter AdvisorPerspectives
Mark Perry AEI
Don Phillips AdvisorPerspectives & Barron's "He was a beacon for many of us in the industry and a reason that we took pride in being a part of it."
Mike Piper ObliviousInvestor "he revolutionized an industry, but he was as approachable as anybody Iíve met."
Bob Pisani CNBC
Harold Pollack Washington Post
Jeffrey Ptak Morningstar
Pat Regnier Money
Ron Rhoades AdvisorPerspectives
Carl Richards NYTimes
Barry Ritholtz blog Audio (text)
Barbara Roper NYTimes
Knut Rostad AdvisorPerspectives (The Man in the Arena - 2013)
Allan Roth FinancialPlanning "no one has done more to give millions of people financial freedom than Bogle."
Jeanne Sahadi CNN
Charles Schwab Bloomberg
Avie Schneider NPR
Steve Schwarzman Bloomberg
Adam Shell USA Today
Robert Shiller The Guardian "he showed that markets eventually recognise integrity."
Larry Siegel AdvisorPerspectives "he stands out as the foremost investment executive of our time."
Jeremy Siegel Audio
Tara Siegel Bernard NYTimes
Dan Solin AdvisorPerspectives
David Solomon Bloomberg
Jon Stein Betterment ""We have lost the leading voice for the customer in the financial services industry."
Marty Steinberg CNBC
Ben Steverman Bloomberg
Ira Stoll RCM
Larry Swedroe & AdvisorPerspectives "Every investor owes a debt of gratitude to Saint Jack, as he was a crusader whose relentless effort to drive down costs led to lower-cost funds for investors everywhere"
David Swensen Bloomberg "Jack did more to advance the interests of individual investors than any person in history."
Brooke Southall
Amie Tsang NY Times
Mitch Tuchman Marketwatch "Millions of investors are better off today thanks to his dogged efforts to steer them right."
Bob Veres AdvisorPerspectives
Tadas Viskanta Absolute Returns
Melanie Waddell ThinkAdvisor
Danielle Walker P&I
John Wasik Forbes "a giant in so many ways. He was also my friend and befriended millions of others in ways we will appreciate for generations to come."
Jason Wenk A Simple Guide for Doing Work That Matters
Robin Wigglesworth FT
Edward Wyatt NYTimes
Gregory Zeller Investors Business Daily
Jason Zweig WSJ & Video

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