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Interrelationships, Value Line, and Implementation Shortfall

As noted in prior chapters, many researchers have found that some anomalies or factors have occurred largely during the month of January, or during the turn of the month. Marc Reinganum (considered the founding father of stock market anomalies) found that January accounted for nearly half of the total returns for the smallest cap stocks, but less than that for other small-cap stocks.1 In the 1980s Bruce Jacobs and Ken Levy found that a large percentage of the returns between large and small companies occurred in the month of January. Additionally, half of the January returns occur in the first few days of January. Some researchers refer to this as the "small-firm-in-January" effect. Jacobs and Levy also found that during some periods, the entire dividend effect occurred in January and that the Low P/E, small size, and neglect anomalies all existed independently.2

     A relatively recent study on interrelationships of factors was by Malcolm Baker, Ryan Taliaferro, and Terence Burnham. They computed optimal allocations to four tilts using 1968–2014 data, with value, small size, high profits, and low beta receiving shares of 20%, 26%, 23%, and 24% respectively.3 ...

The Value Line Anomaly & Implementation Shortfall

Value Line is a service that historically ranks stocks from 1 to 5 for timeliness. As a group, each rating has historically outperformed the next lowest rated group (the ones have outperformed the twos, which outperformed the threes, etc.). The impressive performance of the rating system led many to refer to it as the "Value Line Anomaly" or the "Value Line Enigma." ...

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Table of Contents and Launch Site

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