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Value and the Fundamental Analysis Anomaly

The global stock market is often volatile. If your entire investment portfolio lost 10% of its value in a month during a market decline, what would you do?
  1. sell all your investments
  2. sell some
  3. keep all
  4. buy more

Graham and Doddsville and Coin Flipping

     The question presented at the start of the chapter is from a 2015 Wall Street Journal article titled “Putting Robo Advisers to the Test” and the question was attributed to Wealthfront.24 The article discussed the types of questions that automated advisors ask their users to help in determining their investments. Therefore we don’t know how the response affects the aggressiveness of the customer’s portfolio, but I and many of the automated strategies, would be inclined to buy more stocks after a market drop.

Chapter 21 Notes - The Footnotes in the Book are sequential and for this chapter start at #416 and end at #439.
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Table of Contents and Launch Site

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