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Alternative Investments

Venture Capital & Private Equity

Hedge Funds

The hedge fund, it is said, is not an investment strategy but a compensation strategy.
Jack Bogle in The Little Book of Common Sense Investing

"There is an argument to be made that some hedge funds (perhaps more than a few) are merely a wealth transfer mechanism for moving money from the gullible wealthy to the savvy manager."
Barry Ritholtz30

The sector timing ability and average style choices of hedge funds are no better than that of mutual funds. Additionally, we fail to find differential ability between hedge funds. Overall, our study raises serious questions about the proficiency of hedge fund managers.
John Griffin and Jin Xu34

Most hedge funds should be out of business.
Michael Livian44

"...many high-net-worth individuals, the other big group of hedge fund investors, are incorrigible gamblers. Despite the lackluster performance of equity hedge funds, the best managers among them have delivered eye-popping returns, and investors can’t resist trying to pick the winners."
Nir Kaissar50

The relationship between stocks, private equity, hedge funds, private real estate, and REITs

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Table of Contents and Launch Site

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