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     Charts on individual stocks are available from numerous sources on the Company Research page as well as BigCharts,'s fastquote, Bigboard, and Galt's advanced graphing. The JustQuotes and DailyStocks forms on the home page will generate links to numerous charts. If you've selected stocks to track in My Yahoo clicking the stock will get a page with a small chart that can be clicked again for a more detailed chart. MSN Investor charts stocks you've selected and Nasdaq charts are also well done. ClearStation is a site that includes many technical analysis features.

Advances in computers and software have made calculating and producing graphs and charts relatively simple and inexpensive. As a result, they're use has proliferated in general and on the internet in particular. The major advantage of graphs is that they allow a large amount of data to be viewed visually in useful ways. They can dramatically illustrate upward and downward trends as well as comparisons of multiple variables. However, while graphs are an excellent tool for displaying and analyzing past performance, they do not necessarily provide any insight into the future. In addition, you should make note of the scale, length of time, and parameters used in any particular graph. In general, starting from zero on the axis and using a longer time frame will illustrate "the big picture."

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