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The Global Financial Crisis Experts Survey - The 2nd Sample of 22 participants

Crisis Survey Summary and Details | The Initial Results (11/11/2011)
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Which FCIC View best represents the causes of the Financial Crisis?

Majority Conclusions Dissenting Views By Hennessey, Holtz-Eakin & Thomas Dissenting Views By Wallison None of the Three Views
  1. Phillip Anderson
  2. Roddy Boyd
  3. Michael Lim Mah-Hui
  4. Robert Litan
  5. Yalman Onaran
  6. Ann Pettifor
  7. Hersh Shefrin
  1. Aaron Brown
  1. Kevin Dowd
  2. Francis Longstaff
  3. Jay W. Richards
  4. Robert Rodriguez
  1. Ludwig Chincarini (Wallison's most eloquently written)
  2. Nye Lavalle
  3. Les Leopold
  4. Johan Lybeck
  5. Richard Roll

Which narrative presented by Douglas Elliott and Martin Baily of the Brookings Institute in
Telling the Narrative of the Financial Crisis: Not Just a Housing Bubble
best represents the causes of the Financial Crisis?

It was the fault of the government It was Wall Street’s fault “Everyone” was at fault: Wall Street, the government, and our wider society. None of the Three Narratives.
  1. Francis Longstaff
  2. Ann Pettifor
  3. Jay W. Richards
  4. Robert Rodriguez
  1. Clive Boddy (includes London)
  1. Phillip Anderson
  2. Roddy Boyd
  3. Aaron Brown
  4. Ludwig Chincarini
  5. Kevin Dowd
  6. Fred Harrison
  7. Michael Lim Mah-Hui
  8. Robert Litan
  9. Johan Lybeck
  10. Matthew Lynn "government was most at fault"
  11. Yalman Onaran
  12. Hersh Shefrin
  13. Peter Tanous
  1. Nye Lavalle
  2. Les Leopold
  3. Richard Roll
  4. John Train

3. The Global Financial Crisis effectively ended in the year

2009 - Phillip Anderson

2010 - Fred Foldvary



or, I believe the Global Financial Crisis is ongoing and will end in the year

2013 or beyond - Clive Boddy, Roddy Boyd, Aaron Brown, Ludwig Chincarini, Kevin Dowd, Fred Harrison, Nye Lavalle, Les Leopold, Michael Lim Mah-Hui, Robert Litan, Francis Longstaff, Matthew Lynn, Yalman Onaran, Ann Pettifor, Jay W. Richards, Robert Rodriguez, Richard Roll, Hersh Shefrin, and Peter Tanous.

4. What were the primary causes of Global Financial Crisis? (The 2nd sample only)

5. What still needs to change as a result of the crisis? (The 2nd sample only)

     Participants list (Crisis Expert Qualification)

  1. Phillip Anderson (Book Author)
  2. Clive Boddy (Book Author & Published Paper)
  3. Roddy Boyd (Book Author)
  4. Ludwig Chincarini (Book Author)
  5. Aaron Brown (Book Author)
  6. Kevin Dowd (Book Author)
  7. Fred Harrison (Crisis Predictor & Book Author)
  8. Nye Lavalle (Crisis Predictor)
  9. Les Leopold (Book Author)
  10. Michael Lim Mah-Hui (Book Author)
  11. Robert Litan (Published Paper & Book Editor)
  12. Francis Longstaff (Published Paper)
  13. Johan Lybeck (Book Author)
  14. Matthew Lynn (Book Author)
  15. Yalman Onaran (Book Author)
  16. Ann Pettifor (Crisis Predictor & Book Author)
  17. Jay W. Richards (Book Author)
  18. Robert Rodriguez (Crisis Predictor)
  19. Richard Roll (Published Paper)
  20. Hersh Shefrin (Published Paper)
  21. Peter Tanous (Book Author)
  22. John Train (Published Paper & Book Author)

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