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Who warned in advance? George Bush 11/1/2005 & Bill Gates 4/3/2015 (& this event)

Investing related commentary

"the practice of elevating the famous to presumed expert status was a long and checkered practice ... The pandemic has exacerbated a more general problem of confirmation bias, or seeking evidence to validate a preconceived notion ... The cable networks, in particular, troll for pseudo-experts – some credentialed, some not – who express viewpoints that reflect the biases of the network and/or interviewer” source (4/18/2020)

"Dealing with hardship actually makes you stronger ... America is America because we overcome adversity and challenges ... We are going to overcome this and America will be the greater for it."
Andrew Quomo (3/22/2020)

Independence Day Movie Clips
We can't be consumed by our petty differences anymore.
We will be united in our common interests ...
We are fighting for our right to live, to exist ...
          ...the Americans. They want to organize a counteroffensive. Its about bloody time.

Gary Karz, CFA
Author of The Peaceful Investor and Publisher of (email)

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