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Common Sense on Mutual Funds: New Imperative for the Intelligent Investor
John C. Bogle Amazon Price (30% off) - List: $24.95

     If there is one book to read about investing in Mutual Funds, this book is the clear choice. The Superstar list of proponents for the book includes Peter Bernstein, Michael Bloomberg, Warren Buffett, Jane Bryant Quinn, Burton Malkiel, Don Phillips, Paul Samuelson, Jeremy Siegel, and even theStreet.comís James Cramer stated that "Bogleís arguments in favor of the index fund have me thinking of joining him rather than trying to beat him."

     In an industry rife with conflicts of interest, Bogle and Vanguard have succeeded by putting their customers first. Fortunately, prospective buyers don't have to take anyone else's advice in deciding whether to purchase the book because they can preview some of the book's content on the The Vanguard Group web site (in the form of prior speeches and/or academic papers). The book includes several outstanding chapters that aren't replicated on the web site however.

     The book includes a review of Jeremy Siegel's data from Stocks for the Long Run and discusses realistic returns and volatility for stocks and bonds. Extensive discussions of the mutual fund industry, its structure, and Bogle's recommendations for how to improve and better serve mutual fund customers are included. It also includes a complete discussion of James Glassman & Kevin Hassett's theory from their controversial book Dow 36,000. Bogle is also the author of Bogle on Mutual Funds. A quote from the book. Click here to order Common Sense on Mutual Funds.

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